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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday
Wednesday, June 17, 20200 Comments
Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal

So today I am legally turning 21! 

Turning 21 is a huge moment in my life. Can't believe i've been able to reach this stage, thank God. This is the stage where i begin to enter the crazy whirlwind process of finishing college, taking the first few steps in the beginning on finding my self, started to thinking about my future career, and preparing to start on life as the real adult — or whatever you called it. It's somehow so terrifying yet so exciting at the same time, plus my mind battling a hundred of thoughts at once, it's easy to forget to take a moment to just stop stressing and enjoy this time period while it lasts (cuz it goes by quickly), today im like thank God im 21 years old now and then in the next day i wake up in the morning and already celebrate my 22nd bday.

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank you, my sister!

Life is amazing, yet a mistery.
Its always good to see those amazing people who works as an influencer, success entrepreneur, has a good life, being so damn gorgeous at their adult life until it makes other people (especially me) wish to grow up as fast as possible and skip the part where i become 'someone' that's as useful as other successful people; too much to ask? Nah thats normal tho.

In this 21 years old version of me, i wish to become someone that has a really meaningful life, someone who can be hero to other people, someone who can be count on, and to be a daughter who will never let her parents down. 

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank You, mom!

And about my college life? Honestly im tired of thinking, wishing, and hoping that as soon as possible I'll be able to come back to China and have my college life back. I just.. i hate this situation and corona thing that make me paralyzed, cannot spread my wings and fly. But at the same time, i just have to tryna be greatful with all the things that happen to me, im blessed and will always be. The only thing worst that could be happen to me is when im being so ungrateful and not be thankful for everything i have right now. 

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank you, Kiren!

I hope, everything will be better soon. Maybe not today, but eventually 😇
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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Art of Being Sad - Emotional Exhausted
Wednesday, April 03, 2019 4 Comments

Quoting the article from mind Shave—We came out of the womb in tears. Gasping for breath and begging to be held by someone—anyone. It’s the first time we’ve inhaled air in our lungs, doctors would say. Crying is normal, and when we don’t our mother will panics. The room will hold their breaths for the first shriek. Everyone knows a healthy baby cries.

But clearly this is different when we are starting to grow and entering the next stage of life called adulthood. When you cry, it means something. Whether you’re happy, sad, disappointed, or even scared of something. 

In some stressful week, sadness came towards me. It was indeed eventually gone, but in a very uncomfortable way. It could be hours, days, and even weeks. I was losing my motivation to study, socialize, and even to perform simple tasks. I prefer bed and laying down all day long, doing nothing but over-thinking. This has been a habit and of course, hard to be change.

Why, if you ask?

I'm experiencing Emotional exhaustion.

So basically, emotional exhaustion is a term that arise when someone experiences a period of excessive stress in his/her life.
When people experience emotional exhaustion, it can make them feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, and fatigued. These feelings tend to build up over a long period, though people may not notice the early warning signs.

Lately i found my self thinking.

“How am i going to end this sad feeling because it feels terrible, and also kills me slowly.”

Sometimes the pain lingers in my chest and it ripped my heart in a very bad way. I really wish this was not happening to me and sometimes the only way to overcome it was by telling my friends and asked for support. It really worked to reduce the pain even though it still somehow stuck in my heart

Being sad is an art form, a melody, a dance. The trick is to keep it moving, viscous and flowing, lest it freeze solid. Usher Syndrome

It means, we have to make it balance, Whilst in sadness we have to keep moving but not too rush like running in a heavy fire, but also, not too slow and sink into it.

I am sad, getting better and sad again, but I did not cry anyway. This sadness come and put me down; not because I was hurt, heartbroke, or because I was afraid of something in particular, but mainly because I felt like it. It’s a way for the body to be at peace.

Anybody can experience emotional exhaustion, especially if they live with long-term stress or if they have recently experienced a significant change in their lives. So please, if you meet someone whose just experiencing emotional exhaustion, just hug them instead of judging. Show them how the world works with its own way, give support and most importantly, listen to them. It is better than giving any judgment that doesn't even give any solution. By doing that, you are indirectly participated to save someone's life.


All right received.
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Monday, October 29, 2018

About Me
Monday, October 29, 20180 Comments
[This post is written in English.. I knowwwwww my English is suck and im still learning on it so Puhhleaseee bare with me hehehe🙃🙃]

I'm not actually someone that'd love to share all 'personal things' into social media like this, telling people how i hate something and on the other side, talking about my life and how i perceive the real world and SO ON #eakk. But since I'm an unofficial blogger now, of course i have to fill my content with some identity of me so everyone who reads my blog could get to know me and gain some preference for me, am i right? this reason doesn't seems make sense to me but yeah here i am anyway, finding my self writing some shyt  and reveal who i truly am. 

My Social Media & Contact Person

Instagram :

Device & Camera that i use for Blogging

  • Camera : Fujifilm X-A2
  • Phone: Oppo F11
  • Laptop: Macbook Air 2018

And btw, Thank you so much for you, who have just see this post About Me. Honestly i don't know what is your purpose of opening this post, but i really really wish that you won't regret what you’ve just done now (haha lol), cuz you are going to literally read everything about me here. Yep, have i made my self clear? Literally about me, just like what the tittle says.

 and now here we go, 

Things About Me 
(that i finally decide to share with you).

  1. I am a-half bataknesse, half Javanese (Solo, for the specific one)
  2. I was born in Surakarta and raised in Timika-Papua for 15 years.
  3. I  moved to Jogja, taking another level of education in Stella Duce 2 SHS batch 25.
  4. I lived in dormitory for 3 YEARS.
  5. I play some instruments (Piano 🎹, Guitar 🎸 , Violin 🎻 , and Drum 🥁 ) but I REALLY NEED TO MASTER ALL of THOSE INSTRUMENTS because none of those instruments that I'm really good at.
  6. Writing isn't my hobby, i feel bored, that's all.
  7. I used to have a pet, it was cockatoo and i named it Yakob (Actually its Jacob but my mom kept calling it Yakob and finally the whole family called it so, including me).
  8. Thing i regret on SHS: Taking Orchestra ekskul instead of Basketball ekskul. 
  9. I have a best friend for like more than 10 years and still counting.
  10. I am a tidsoptimist. 🕰
  11. Now i am a student of International Business Management Program at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University batch 2017.
  12. I love K-dramas (Especially the romance one)
  13. Honestly i hate everything that related with sad emotions (movies, stories {unless musics})
  14. I think i'm stupid but everyone around me keep saying that i'm smart. Is that what you called genius? hehehe just kidding.
  15. Im an ambivert................... i'd love to spend most of my time with people but i do need some times alone.
  16. I can sew and knit, i learn those kind of things from my mamaahh.
  17. I don't speak bahasa batak and bahasa Jawa.
  18. I really really really want to play saxophone, and now im saving my money to buy that instrument. #oneofmywishlist
  20. I used to wear glasses but i was looking like a nerd so i put it off. #goodbyeglasses
  21. A night-imaginer. I imagine a lot at night 💭 
  22. Thing that I cannot live without: my Casio watch. We’ve been together since 2013.
  23. Reading is one of my hobbies, but i only read comics and sometimes adult novels (hahaha)
  24. I draw sometimes. My objects are mostly random, depend on my feeling.
  25. I also love to edit some fangirl thing (but still basic).
  26. I collect comics (mostly detective Conan).
  27. Easily distracted.
  28. I somehow like math, not exactly the math but the math that you have to use a god damn logic to understand it. Is that weird? 
  29. I also play some games like PUBG, Mobile Legend, Built in Town (hahaa), harvest moon, Rules of Survival (seriously?) but i prever Hayday (YES) more than anything.
  30. Currently live in Nanjing, China🇨🇳
  31. I take double degree program, 2 years in UAJY and 2 years in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University
  32. Now i am a student of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Batch 19🇨🇳, International Trade Major.

Oh, before i forget. If you wonder about the philosophy of this blog you could probably visit my very first post ➡️  A new Beginning. (Warning: It's a lil bit cringe bc it was written a very long time ago🤢, so sorry guys hahaha)

For now due to my lack inspiration (again), i only have these several things about me and i don't know whether i will add more things about me later or not, but dude i hope you enjoy reading this post. Sorry if you have high expectation about this post because turns out this is just some shit that i write with no purpose and this is not a good one (ups). Anyway, thank you for visiting, have a good time! #salamblogger.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 17, 1999 | ITS MY BDAY!
Sunday, June 17, 20180 Comments
YES, i know that it is a day late to post this Bday story because i fell asleep while planning to upload this post. But yeah, here i am anyway, taking a moment to tell you how i feel about my bday year by year. Iyep this is a very special post and i write this in english.

--> But guys, actually before you get further, i just wanted to remind you that the thing that i write here is a personal story... if you dont want to read this diary you can just skip this or swipe this away and find another nice post to read, heehe. SO HAPPY READING/SKIPPING :) <--

Yeah. Here we go again. It's my birthday. June 17, 2018. My 19th Bday. Actually, i didn't really excited when it comes to my bday. I was so afraid that it will not come as a special bday. Every night before my bday i always feel insecure and hoping that tomorrow would be okay and yeah i know it is kinda freak. But lemme tell you something. even though i hate my bday that much, people around me always appreciated my bday and it looks like im not the one that having the birthday but them. So many people give me bday wishes, surprises me and congratulate me for my bday and so much love for me. They love my life so much that i want to cry every time i read the caption they wrote for me on my bday. It is so special i can tell. And why am i still thinking that my bday will not be so special?

And now, i am going to make my bday re-cap since 2013, to tell my self and also remind my self how lucky i am having these people around me to celebrate my bday. Btw, sorry for the bad quality pictures, due to the limited sources to take picts.. hehe.

2013. 14 YEARS OLD
i celebrated this bday in my house, and this was not only a bday party for me, this is also a farewell party for me because this is my last year in Timika, my last year to celebrate my bday with my junior high school friends.

2014. 15 YEARS OLD
This bday is my last bday celebration with my parents, bc after this bday i m going to dormitory for 3 YEARS. Yes my very sweet parents gave me bday surprise party. Really love them.

2015. 16 YEARS OLD
Literally this is my 16th bday and i celebrate it in Solo. SO as everybody know my bday is in 'kejepit' day bc it is in the middle date of month and it ussually is the edge day of school semester. I went back to Solo after i got my school report for some short holiday with my mom's family before i go to Timika and guess whattt, they suprised me with a cake with the picture of me on it (it is of course edible lol) and also some yummy dinner.


2016. 17 YEARS OLD
 Yep. this is actually what i ve been waiting for. My seventeenth bday is veryyy veryyy special. Lemme tell u why, guys. Please make ur self as comfortable as you can while listening to my story; Cuz its a long story.

So at the time i still lived in dormitory, on St. Imaculata. Right on 12 O'clock my parents called me and said happy bday to me, as the usual. When im about to continue my sleeping time cuz i was so sleepy at the time, my unit friends, Kadek, Ibeth, Biel, Regin, and Novi surprised me with a mini muffin and they gave me a red larva doll. I was so happy because i really wanted this red larva doll to accompany my other larva doll, the yellow one. Enough with the larva thing, we finished the mini celebration and i continued to sleep. But dude, some second later as i started to feel my self in peace, my friends from Timika; Ani, Sofi, Kiren, Ayu, and Mada came to my room and surprised me with a really really huge duck doll (i named it Ducky) and also tiramisu cake that i like . I'm happy. Really. i couldnt ask for more. this is already made my day. after that we ate the cake and decided to continued our sleep because we're so tired. yeah, and we actually did that.

Timika Squad
but wait. The story didn't end there. So as u know my bday is also the end of the semester, and that means june 17 is our last day at school and also dormitory. My dorm friends surprised me after school, but we celebrated it in hurry because they wanted to catch their flight to their hometown. Btw i got chameleon doll from them and i love it! they said that the chameleon's expression's look like me hahaha.

Dorm Squad

its tradition in dorm to write the name of those who's having a bday on that day.
I was kinda sad because my friends were leaving the dormitory so fast, i mean my bday was not finish yet, why were u guys being so hurry to leave this dormitory? so yeah there i was, alone again. people were busy with their own business and i didn't want to bother them too. i wish i could also leave faster but my flight was on 21st June so yeah I'll just gonna stay there like foeve. One time my friend Ayu who's going to leave the dorm in the afternoon called me and asked me for a favor. She asked me to accompany her to take her mother stuff and bring it to Timika with her. I accepted her because i was alone at the time and i didnt know what to do so why not?...

And then off to the Galeria we went first. She said she was checking some shoes in Payless for her and her mama. I helped her to choose some, but we ended up in Galeria without buying any thing. She asked me to accompany her to meet her mother's friend to take her mother stuff in a cafe. The cafe was not so far from galeria so i accepted it. It was on Indiecology cafe, Sagan and the place was quite calm. The waiter welcomed us and lead us to a door. He said that our guess is there. I felt nothing wrong at all until i opened the door and found that there was A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT I KNOW, literally yelling in front of me saying "SURPRISEEEEE". I spotted my sister holding the cake. I knew it, she is the pioneer of all of this. I knew these all are her plan. This explained why all of my friends were suddenly gone nowhere. Oh my God i love my 17 bday so much. This was the best birthday ever. She literally invited all of my beloved friends like Kiren, Kinoy, Angel, Jack, Dony, Dinda, and many more, even though there was also some of my friends that couldn't came due to their flight.
Thanks God for everything that you give to me. Thank You for this wonderful life! 

Bday cake from my lovely sissy. Thanks a lot! I LOVE YA!

best sister ever

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

A new Beginning
Thursday, January 07, 20160 Comments
Hello, everyone.. 

In this very special occasion i'd like to introduce you mui self. The name's Rani A.K.A Ran Saotome. I made this blog because i love to write random things!

This blog was made with the original domain of ransaotome.blogspot.com because i love Detektive Conan and Ranma 1/2, but i changed it into frankenranma.blogspot.com because i thought it would be better, cooler and all, but it turned out to be a big upset to me bc i did not really sound cool now and i also did not know the philosophy of the name then. But, once again, things happen and all we can do is just to accept that and move on.

Please, be entertained and if you wouldn't mind follow my ig @monicasitompul17.

Have a great day, peeps!


Update 16-05-2020, 4 years latter

Wow, Amazing. Look how disgusting i was 4 years ago. Didn't think i could write something so childish like that😂

And yeah, things are changing right now, and thank God im still blogging. My very first intention when making this blog was to post some random things that i didn't even figure out back then, but now i have my focus on my daily journal life, travel, and also some random knowledge and business stuff. If you read this (which is impossible bc this is my very first post) you probably are just wasting your time right now or stalking me (i bet). Thank you so much for visiting, Just so you know It's a pleasure to be a blogger.

This is my current logo right now, 
and my domain is changing from https://frankenranma.blogspot.com to rsjournal.my.id 

why? because i feel like it and i think this looks more mature and professional rather than before😅.

That's all i guess for this very random first post ever. Love you my reader!❤️✨
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