The Art of Being Sad - Emotional Exhausted

Quoting the article from mind Shave—We came out of the womb in tears. Gasping for breath and begging to be held by someone—anyone. It’s the first time we’ve inhaled air in our lungs, doctors would say. Crying is normal, and when we don’t our mother will panics. The room will hold their breaths for the first shriek. Everyone knows a healthy baby cries.

But clearly this is different when we are starting to grow and entering the next stage of life called adulthood. When you cry, it means something. Whether you’re happy, sad, disappointed, or even scared of something. 

In some stressful week, sadness came towards me. It was indeed eventually gone, but in a very uncomfortable way. It could be hours, days, and even weeks. I was losing my motivation to study, socialize, and even to perform simple tasks. I prefer bed and laying down all day long, doing nothing but over-thinking. This has been a habit and of course, hard to be change.

Why, if you ask?

I'm experiencing Emotional exhaustion.

So basically, emotional exhaustion is a term that arise when someone experiences a period of excessive stress in his/her life.
When people experience emotional exhaustion, it can make them feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, and fatigued. These feelings tend to build up over a long period, though people may not notice the early warning signs.

Lately i found my self thinking.

“How am i going to end this sad feeling because it feels terrible, and also kills me slowly.”

Sometimes the pain lingers in my chest and it ripped my heart in a very bad way. I really wish this was not happening to me and sometimes the only way to overcome it was by telling my friends and asked for support. It really worked to reduce the pain even though it still somehow stuck in my heart

Being sad is an art form, a melody, a dance. The trick is to keep it moving, viscous and flowing, lest it freeze solid. Usher Syndrome

It means, we have to make it balance, Whilst in sadness we have to keep moving but not too rush like running in a heavy fire, but also, not too slow and sink into it.

I am sad, getting better and sad again, but I did not cry anyway. This sadness come and put me down; not because I was hurt, heartbroke, or because I was afraid of something in particular, but mainly because I felt like it. It’s a way for the body to be at peace.

Anybody can experience emotional exhaustion, especially if they live with long-term stress or if they have recently experienced a significant change in their lives. So please, if you meet someone whose just experiencing emotional exhaustion, just hug them instead of judging. Show them how the world works with its own way, give support and most importantly, listen to them. It is better than giving any judgment that doesn't even give any solution. By doing that, you are indirectly participated to save someone's life.


All right received.

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  1. Wow so true. I once had anxiety in my high school and tend to be an introvert, not socializing with others. But then i found my self thinking, if i my self did not solve my own anxiety problem by just standing there, burry my problem instead of curing i i would be so damn depressed rn

    1. Omg glad you've passed that hard timeee♥️

  2. I feel u!!! I've experienced a lot of mental breakdowns (and by 'a lot' I mean 'A LOT') and sometimes the mental pain becomes physical! Like my chest hurts in a way I can't describe. In times like that, I am more detached and drawn away from society lol but I consider it as a form of self love cuz I need some time alone. WE GO GUUUURL! Sad is indeed an art of living.

    1. Omggg yasss we got this gurl♥️✨ sometimes all we need is a quality time with ourselves🤝


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