Addicted - Theory of Loving Food 🍓

Isn't it weird to eat exactly the same food for five or more times in a row? 
Well, indeed it is weird if you don't have your kind of cup of tea of food.
In the book The Omnivorous Mind (Harvard Univ. Press, 2012) and in other writings, the author has argued that we humans each have a "theory of food" that guides how, how much, and what we eat. This theory of food is analogous to "theory of mind," the suite of implicit cognitive skills that people use to negotiate the complex, interactive human social universe. (Read more here)

I do have it. that's why i ask you that kind of rhetoric question in today's post's intro. 

.Fruit Salad.

It actually begun a couple months ago, when i was still on my third semester of uni life. At the moment one of my friend offered me a fruit salad, which is now becoming one of my favorite food all the time. 

I tasted it. Okay, that was kinda weird at the first because it never comes in my mind to mix fruits with Yogurt, mayonnaise and Cheese. My brain still rejected it. But after i put this colorful thing into my mind, it all changed!

I like this kind of thing. At the time i was only like ordered it once a week from my friend, but it all get worst when i stop. The end of semester meant the end of hanging out together with my uni friends, and that also means that my friend was no longer selling her fruit salad.

i desperately missed it, like really missed it. I somehow ordered this kind of fruit salad online, but it did not taste good. The salad i ordered was not as creamy, yummy and delicious as i expected. Plus, its a pricey one! That wasn't worth it tho.

Then, one sunny day; due to the demand that i desperately planted in my hunger mind, i decided to make my own fruit salad. I bought such all the ingredients and started my experiment.

GUESS what. It worked. I was so happy. I bought the ingredients in a huge amount because i was thinking to take revenge to my self; i am going to eat all of this shit as much as i can every day. Yes and i finally did that. I eat fruit salad every day. for Lunch, dinner, repeat. I never skipped even once.

And you must know what happen next.
Have you heard this question before:

 "What did you eat so much until you hate it?"

It doesn't make sense to me at the first until i experience it my self. Yeah. I started to hate fruit salad. It was only 5 days to made me hate this thing. i ate it but it taste horrid. really really horrid. I really want to eat something else beside fruit salad but i couldn't because that would be food waste. 

Finally, I finished to eat all of the fruit salads that i made. But since then, I can’t look at Fruit Salad the same way I used to. Not to deny that I still remember extremely well how much I liked them.
 The moral of this experience is, too much isn't good. You might like something like crazy, but also remember that being addicted is not that good. It might seems fun at the beginning until it makes you sacrifice. This is my story for the beginning of the year. If you have some kind of experience like that, feel free to share it here. Have a great day!

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