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Line Cafe, Nanjing

One more funny thing that I found about China: Even though China strict all the access of social media from another country and use only China platform, I think they still give concession to the citizen to allow at least some entertainment like directly mentioned, Line Cafe. When my friend told me that we have Line Cafe in Nanjing, I was so surprised yet excited because as far as I know, we cannot access Line in Nanjing. Then, how the hell people' suppose to know the existence of this thing if they cannot even access it? does this place was made for all the tourist who visits Nanjing? Well that's maybe right but who knows anyway?..


Line Cafe, Nanjing located in Beijing East Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, in Catherine Square. Or if you confused, you may check the map below.

When you want to take Metro as your transportation just like me, means that you should stop on the Gulou Station (鼓楼站) line 1 exit 4B, and then have a little walk to Catherine Park.

Line Cafe, Nanjing-China. Monica Maharani Sitompul.
Catherine Park, Right beside Line Cafe

--What's Inside the Cafe--

Like the Name of the cafe, the concept is about Line. When you come inside the cafe you will be welcomed by all the characters on Line, such as James, Big Brown, Cony, and many more. The place is quite big, and has a lot of different spot.

This cafe serve a lot of foods and beverages, mostly fast-food that quite expensive, but worth enough when you eat it while enjoying the euphoria of happiness. Too bad at the time I did not order any food or drink at all because I already ate, and i was in hurry. I visited on Sunday, that's why that place was a lil bit crowded.

Line Cafe, Nanjing-China. Monica Maharani Sitompul. Line Cafe, Nanjing-China. Monica Maharani Sitompul.

not only serving food and beverages, this cafe is also sell Line official merchandise such as keychain, pillow, doll, passport case, shirt, mug, and many more. I guarantee you that all of these official merchandise are cute and authentic! And, for the good news to all K-pop lovers, they also sell official merchandise of BT21!!! 

The price? yes it is somehow pricey. Let's take passport case, small stuff for example. The price of the basic passport case is for like RMB 99, or around $14.13 and Rp. 198,797. Why so pricey? because you cannot find this such official merch in other place, these merch are all official and limited edition. Maybe that's also one of their market strategy lol. 

Line Cafe, Nanjing-China. Monica Maharani Sitompul.
BT21 Merchandise!

Thought? This is surely one of the list of places that you have to visit for having some fun, chilling out, and before i forget to mention, to take some good pictures on this cafe because this cafe has a lot of good spot to take pictures. 

That's all about my short visit to Line Cafe. If you guys have any question, suggestion or maybe advice about this post you can just simply comment bellow or email me on Also don't forget to follow my instagram account @monicasitompul17 and have a good day! Send all loves and kisses from me, see ya on another post.

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  1. Too expensive ��

  2. Only in nanjing?

    1. No i think shanghai and beijing also have it? And also the other city

  3. I think China people loves Line characters so much, as I've seen some cafes in Shangri-la and Lijiang have a big Brown statue or Cony somewhere inside the cafe. Quite cute since both city looks traditional but they put something unusual just to find it unique.


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