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  • Camera : Fujifilm X-A2
  • Phone: iPhone 12 Pro
  • Laptop: Macbook Air 2018

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  • Skin Type: Oily Skin
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Undertone: Warm
  • Skin Condition: Acne Prone Skin, Acne Scars, & Large pores

    Things About Me 
    (that i finally decide to share with you).

    I'm not actually someone that'd love to share all 'personal things' into social media like this, telling people how i hate something and on the other side, talking about my life and how i perceive the real world and SO ON #eakk. But since I'm an unofficial blogger now, of course i have to fill my content with some identity of me so everyone who reads my blog could get to know me and gain some preference for me, am i right? this reason doesn't seems make sense to me but yeah here i am anyway, finding my self writing some shyt  and reveal who i truly am. 

    And btw, Thank you so much for you, who have just see this post About Me. Honestly i don't know what is your purpose of opening this post, but i really really wish that you won't regret what you’ve just done now (haha lol), cuz you are going to literally read everything about me here. Yep, have i made my self clear? Literally about me, just like what the tittle says.

     and now here we go, 

    1. I am a-half bataknesse, half Javanese (Solo, for the specific one)
    2. I was born in Surakarta and raised in Timika-Papua for 15 years.
    3. I  moved to Jogja, taking another level of education in Stella Duce 2 SHS batch 25.
    4. I lived in dormitory for 3 YEARS.
    5. I play some instruments (Piano 🎹, Guitar 🎸, Ukulele, Violin 🎻 ) but I REALLY NEED TO MASTER ALL of THOSE INSTRUMENTS because none of those instruments that I'm really good at.
    6. Writing isn't my hobby, i feel bored, that's all.
    7. I used to have a pet, it was cockatoo and i named it Yakob (Actually its Jacob but my mom kept calling it Yakob and finally the whole family called it so, including me).
    8. Thing i regret on SHS: Taking Orchestra extracurricular instead of Basketball extracurricular. 
    9. I have a best friend for like more than 10 years and still counting.
    10. I am a tidsoptimist. 🕰
    11. I am a student of International Business Management Program at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University batch 2017.
    12. I love K-dramas (Especially the romance one)
    13. Honestly i hate everything that related with sad emotions (movies, stories {unless musics})
    14. I think i'm stupid but everyone around me keep saying that i'm smart. Is that what you called genius? hehehe just kidding.
    15. Im an ambivert................... i'd love to spend most of my time with people but i do need some times alone.
    16. I can sew and knit, i learn those kind of things from my mamaahh.
    17. I don't speak bahasa batak and bahasa Jawa.
    18. I really really really want to play saxophone, and now im saving my money to buy that instrument. #oneofmywishlist
    20. I used to wear glasses but i was looking like a nerd so i put it off. #goodbyeglasses
    21. A night-imaginer. I imagine a lot at night 💭 
    22. Thing that I cannot live without: my Casio watch. We’ve been together since 2013.
    23. Reading is one of my hobbies, but i only read comics and sometimes adult novels (hahaha)
    24. I draw sometimes. My objects are mostly random, depend on my feeling.
    25. I also love to edit & do design for some fangirl thing (but still basic) in CorelDraw & Photoshop.
    26. I collect comics (mostly detective Conan).
    27. I watch Anime....
    28. Easily distracted.
    29. I somehow like math, not exactly the math math but the math that you have to use a god damn logic to understand it. Is that weird? 
    30. I also like to play some games during my spare time like PUBG, Mobile Legend, Chess Rush, Built in Town (hahaa), harvest moon, Rules of Survival (seriously?) but i prever Hayday (YES) more than anything.
    31. One day when i become rich af, i promise my self to make Animal Shelter and help all the animals in need. But still, even though i'm not gonna become rich, im still working for it.
    32. Currently live in Nanjing, China🇨🇳
    33. I take double degree program, 2 years in UAJY and 2 years in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University
    34. Now i am a student of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Batch 19🇨🇳, International Trade Major.

    Oh, before i forget. If you wonder about the philosophy of this blog you could probably visit my very first post ➡️  A new Beginning. (Warning: It's a lil bit cringe bc it was written a very long time ago🤢, so sorry guys hahaha)

    For now due to my lack inspiration (again), i only have these several things about me and i don't know whether i will add more things about me later or not, but dude i hope you enjoy reading this post. Sorry if you have high expectation about this post because turns out this is just some shit that i write with no purpose and this is not a good one (ups). 

    Please contact me monicasitompul17@gmail.com for any business inquiries, collaboration, etc or if there are other things you want to ask about me / my personal blog. Anyway, thank you for visiting, have a good time! #salamblogger.

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