Artjog MMXIX

After living in Yogyakarta for more than five years, i finally got the chance to visit this art fair, that 
held once a year contemporary called Arjog. Theme for this year is Arts in Common, started from July 25th till August 25th, and located in Jogja National Museum, Jl. Ki Amri Yahya, no. 1, Yogyakarta. It's quite far from the city, but still worth to visit.

I came here with my dearest sister, brother and of course, my boyfriend :). The entrance tiket is Rp. 50,000/person and we can already enjoy all the place inside this building. There are 3 floors in total. We decided to go for the 3rd floor first, so at the end when we already reach the first floor we can directly walk to the exit door that located also on the first floor.

To be honest i cannot really tell what is the different between each floor, and i personally think there are no categories given for the art and where they located so in conclusion, all the floor is just the same. They put the arts randomly. (or if i made any mistake you may comment bellow).

I heard from several sources that there will be around 40 artist from Indonesia and even another countries like Australia, Philippine and Singapore that participate in this art fair. There are so many arts and of course, each art has its own meaning. Shame on me, i was not really pay attention for what's the meaning of it, and was only focus about taking pictures. That's why if you ask me, i'm not gonna talk about the essence of the art. Yup. This time, shame on me.

But, Even though i did not really pay attention to the essence of the art, i still have my favorite art tho. Mine is this spot, where me and my boyfriend took picture together. This is some kind like hanging-tribal cloth that was put in the middle. That's why this art is somehow outstanding. Even though from now on im still somehow upset for my self because i don't know what is the essential of this art, im still looking forward to find the answer as soon as possible.

An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them. Andy Warhol

At the end of artjog you will find an exit door made by bamboo, and again, as usual, it also created as an art, make us become harder to leave it because once you go out, you can't go in (unless you want to pay again and start from the beginning). After passing through the Bamboo exit hallway (or whatever it is because i tbh don't really know what it is) there was a small exhibition, selling artsy stuff like bag, books, clothes, accessories and many more. 

For me, art is an art. there's no such thing as bad in art. Its all made by creativity, idea, and imagination that not everybody can do. That's what make all arts are beautiful. I personally happy to come to this place even though i missed some of the important point of the art, and hope to get another chance to visit the next Artjog as soon as possible. Sayonara! 


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