Journey of the Week #6 - Nanjing Fuzimiao (夫子庙)

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma

After being left for like forever, i decided to come back to my blog sweet blog. Oh yeah, where is my manner not saying hello to all my dearest reader? Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Im so glad that i still got the chance to write on my blog, since we all know that we cannot access Blogger in China and THANKS a lot to my mate who introduces me to this thing called VPN. You help me a lot, to be honest. Okay sorry for talking to much, lets just cut the shit and continue to my small trip to Fuzimiao.

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma
Lingxing Gate (棂星门)

Nanjing Fuzimiao (夫子庙) is located in 秦虹路1号 Confucius Temple Scenic Area Pedestrian Street, Qinhuai, Nanjing. From my dorm i use Metro from CPU station, taking line 1, for further information i put the map below. Nanjing Fuzimiao is actually a shopping market packed with the historic buildings surrounding the Confucius Temple, Fuzimiao. 

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma
Qinhuai River and I 

This place has a very beautiful scenery; ethnicity, cultural and also modern style are rolled all in one. In this place i find so many cultural object like Confucius Temple, that is Fuzimiao itself, a buch of street market that sell so many things like handcrafts, traditional stuffs, clothes, traditional foods, and even modern cafe like Starbucks!. There was also a Great Spirit Screen (大照壁) decorated with Dragon and become one of the popular place to take picture, and also Qinhuai River. This river is also one of the most popular place in Fuzimiao especially when you go at night because there will be so colorful and the scenery become more and more beautiful. We can also enjoy night ride with boat to see all the beautiful view over the riverside.

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma
Great Spirit Screen (大照壁) decorated with Dragon

I discover a lot of things here, including World Wonder Art Museum but i decided to not enter the museum due to the limited time. At the time this place was so crowded, and it can be more crowded on holiday and national day because Chinese people love to spend their holiday more in public place rather than only staying at their apartment.

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma

For me, This place is a very interesting place to visit. When you visit Nanjing, don't forget to visit Fuzimiao because this place is one of the most important destination and also, this place has a lot interesting spot not only for taking pictures but to learn more about China. This place is better be visited at night in my opinion because you can see all the colorful, beautiful and shimmering lights all around the place. Even though this place is somehow more crowded at night, i think it still worth to visit. That's all about my small trip to Fuzimiao, if you have any question related to my blog today, or maybe a personal question you can just hit me on my email or just simply comment on this post. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Nanjing Fuzimiao - Frankenranma
One of my favorite traditional Food; Tanghulu

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