Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Journey Of The Week

Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Rsjournal
Lukou International Airport, Nanjing

(Note:  This post is the next story about my apartment Rent Adventure in Nanjing)
First Time Sewa Apartemen di Nanjing, China - Journey of The Week
Happy reading😻

After a long consideration between returning to Indonesia or staying in Nanjing, finally me and the two of my friends decided to immediately return to Indonesia. There were many considerations that made us agree to go home soon:
  • The virus has spread more and more, we are afraid that if we don't return soon, we will not be allowed to return to Indonesia over time
  • Issue that flights from China will soon be canceled in several countries such as Singapore and Thailand
  • Issue that China will soon lockdown their country (No flight allowed)
  • Our Class schedule postponed
  • Ticket prices are getting more expensive day by day.

Finally we bought tickets for the night flight on January 28, estimated 18 hours trip using Thai Lion airline. Stop-over point at Thailand for 12 hours, of course.

At that time the ticket price we got was RMB 2,210 (about 4.5 million rupiah) without luggage, only a 7kg cabin. It's really expensive for an economy class flight, because normal ticket for Nanjing - Jakarta is usually only in the price range of 2 million to a max of 3 million. But for the sake of our mutual safety, a little loss isn't really a matter as long as it's safe.

At 18.00 PM Nanjing time, my friends and I started on the way to the airport, Lukou International Airport, Nanjing. Our flight will be at 12.00 AM, but because the airport is far away from our apartment and we don't know much about the current departure system, we finally decided to leave as soon as possible.

Everyone is wearing mask at the airport. The mask we use is N90, a respiratory mask. At the entrance we were checked using a thermal gun. At that time I was in good health, but because of my paranoia I was very nervous, afraid that my body temperature would suddenly rise and I couldn't enter the airport, that's just what it was :(

Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Rsjournal
Safety first, tidak hanya pakai masker, adik-adik ini juga pakai sarung tangan lho 😅

After waiting for few hours, we finally checked in. Surprisingly, there are so many Indonesians😆. We thought it was just the three of us leaving at the time. It turned out to be a lot and not just us. Students from other university also flocked to their hometowns. At that time, my two friends and I were immediately happy because we had lots of friends, so we weren't afraid to get lost and just followed where they went.

Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Rsjournal
Health Quarantine

Tbh, I'm a little scared and nervous because I'm traveling long distances, the transit in Thailand is also quite long, especially since we're from China. Fear of being labeled as carrying a disease or whatever they are called. That's why my friends and I were so routinely spraying hand sanitizer, every time after holding something, we spray spray spray here and there. Huh this is what we called paranoid, right?

At Nanjing airport, we went through several stages of checking. Thermal tests several times and a statement letter that we had never traveled to Wuhan in the near time, then later the letter was handed over to the Health Quarantine section. When you successfully pass the health quarantine, it means that you are safe and you are allowed to depart.

Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Rsjournal

Praise God, we got the flight that transited in Bangkok only about 12 hours. Some of our friends got transit up to 20 hours🤯 . Fear will still arise because this is the first time this virus appears so we still don't understand how it spreads. But grateful that we were able to arrive in Indonesia safely. Thanks God💋.

Back to Indonesia 🇲🇨 - Rsjournal

Actually, if you think about it, the protocols carried out in China, Thailand and several countries in Southeast Asia are the safest, everyone is required to wear a mask, maintain cleanliness, use hand sanitizer and not allowed to touch things carelessly. Simple things that are trivial right?

This is one of the reasons why the spread of the virus in China can quickly recover, because they are very attentive to health protocols and do not ignore government advice.

Maybe Indonesia should learn more from countries that have succeeded in reducing the spread of the virus, considering that currently Indonesia is the number 1 country in Southeast Asia with the highest number of patients infected with the corona virus, which has reached 40 thousand more infected patients. Get well soon, my Indonesia, I hope that people who are still joking and wandering incoherently here and there and ignoring the protocols in this pandemic situation can immediately open their eyes so that they could immediately stop their ridiculous behavior.


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