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The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

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July, 26th 2018.

Today i am going to explore something new with my little cousin. We actually used to play together when we were kid, and thats why we are close to each other. She comes to Jogja to continue her study in Sanata Dharma University, Psychology major. And since we are still in our holiday mode and have plenty of spare time, we decide to make our little trip to Lost World Castle, Yogyakarta. I know, there are a lot of consideration we face before finally come to this place such as transportation and also the weather (sun shines so bright and it kills, i swear). But because we are all curious about it, we finally move our ass and go.

Lost World Castle located in Petung, Kepuharjo, Cangkringan, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Or if you confused you can just see the address through the map below.

I know it is kinda far but the location is pretty cool, far from the residential areas and the weather is not as hot as in the city. I think we are near to the Merapi mountain too, because in the Lost World Castle we can see the Merapi very clear. The entrance ticket for this castle is Rp. 25.000,00/person and we can enjoy every spot there (not including the additional property and some photobooth).

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma
My lil Cousin, Retha.

So, the first place that you will going to see is the castle itself. The castle is quite tall and you can see some view from here, mostly trees. There are also some cool photobooth but if you want to take picture you have to spend more money. By the way, if you want to go higher, this castle is actually still have their second floor. This is pretty cool because everything seems so clear here. Its pretty i can tell. In this place you can spot every place in The Lost World Castle area.

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

Honestly at the first, i thought this was just a castle and there's no such an interesting thing that i can get in here. But after i go higher to second floor, that is the time when i realize that this place is not just a castle. They have more spot, not just this castle. And if you also notice, i think every spot in this place has its own art where some places could look exactly like in Japan, the other could look exactly like Greek and some other look like in the Middle east area or something. Don't u agree?

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

Moving to the next area, we walk on the castle that exactly looks like The Great wall of China and arrived to a very beautiful view that i assume as Japan. I get stunned for the Sakura trees, i mean where do they get that trees tho?.

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

From this spot we can see the whole castle clearly. If you continue your step you will actually faced a quite big hole like cliff and thats where the next spot placed. It is Pirates of Carribean spot, unfortunately when i come that place is still under the construction so i think we are a little bit too fast to come to this place. Too bad. But when you continue your step again, you will see a country spot, called Wild Wild West.

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

I think this place is inspired by Indiana Jones and ancient style, combined with the country lives. Here you can see some tents and also firecamp where Indian people cook their meals. Also moving to the right side of it you can spot a bunch of big-fake eggs that i believe belongs to dinosaurs. Cool, isn't it? If you want to look more country don't forget to take pictures inside the camp, or with the fake horse in front of the entrance.

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma

We kinda tired so we decide to go back home. So when you want to come back home you will see the view that looks like Middle east style or Aladin style from my point of view. Even though The Lost World Castle located far from the city and still need some improvement, this place is worth to visit because we only need to pay 25k and we get to see all the beautiful views here.

The Lost World Castle Jogja | Frankenranma
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That's all about my post today, If you have some question or anything related to this place you can just ask me tru the comment section. Thank you for reading and have a good day peeps!.

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