Proud Indonesian🇲🇨 | Saman Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院

Proud Indonesian🇲🇨 | Saman Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院🇨🇳

Hard work paid off!!
On Wednesday, December 10th 2019 after a stressful months of practicing, we finally did it!. 
It was an event from Economic Students of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University and us, as Indonesian students are asked to also give performance for this event and of course, we gladly accept it. We were practicing for like 2 times a week, starting from September.

Proud Indonesian🇲🇨 | Saman Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院🇨🇳
Saman Squad🤘🏻

To be honest this is my first time participating in such an event like this.

When I heard the word saman for the first time, I wasn't really paying attention for that because I know I cannot dance, and dance is not my cup of tea. I've never been to a traditional dance practice before and this is the most interesting, yet remarkable things ever that I learned in China. As we know, Saman is one of the complicated traditional dance, using speediness and agility in order to make a cohesive movement towards one another. When my senior asked me to join saman, I laught at first. Me, dancing? hahaha. No way. Cant relate. But then one of my friends also asked me to join the saman dance and said that saman is not that hard, so why not join? Then I decided to join, but with half a heart. Even thought I was a thrash and I still forget some of the dance when we performed, at least I do my best, right?

Proud Indonesian🇲🇨 | Saman Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院🇨🇳

There are a lot of movements, and tbh it drives me crazy. I'm not good at memorizing things and that's why every time we practiced, I always made at least one mistake. I was also didn't really into it until one day, one of my friend told me that I should proud of what I am doing. Being able to perform our own traditional culture in another country is such a blessing, and I am lucky to be part of it. Then a sense of pride arose on me😎 that's when I began to practice seriously. I learned that dance movement is not something that we memorize, it is something that we feel, something that goes along with the rhythm of the music. Harmonize. As soon as I learn how to feel the rhythm, I started to understand the movement. Saman become easier when I understand the rhythm. I make less mistake ever since that, and finally at the performing day I get the chance to show my own traditional dance, to other country. #PROUDINDONESIA🇲🇨

Proud Indonesian🇲🇨 | Saman Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院🇨🇳
International Economy '19
This is the short version of our (amateur) performance😂. Enjoy!!

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  1. Ini dr komunitas nanjing ap gmn?

    1. Hallo, ini dari komunitas mahasiswa Indo dalam kampus yaa

  2. Wah bangga banget ya bisa perform budaya sendiri di luar negeri����


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