Christmas Celebration At Junzi School, Nanjing - From Compassion To Action

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

December, 2019. Can you imagine celebrating your first Christmas in other country without your family? can you also imagine how it's like to have a Christmas without holiday? Well, welcome to China, where holiday is only for China's day. 

I thought it would be my first worst Christmas. I did not really get the Christmas vibes at the time, plus christian is minority here. But THANK GOD, that was only my thought. My Senior, who is also christian, invited me to follow the FCTA event which is Christmas celebration with children with disabilities in special school. I was so happy finally I got the chance to do something special, tbh.

It was located in Junzi School, Nanjing China.

There was a lot of volunteers. I was happy i got the chance to meet new friends who are also foreigner students. Some come from Philippine, some from Pakistan, India, Africa and also China itself. Gather around, cheering them up, and also give some gift to the kid is the most precious moment that I have ever experienced, even thought we still have one problem; language barrier.

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The celebration was amazing. It started with a small ceremony, singing the national song of China and gathered around. Then the game started. The game is designed for all the kids, and us as the volunteers can only support them. There are a lot of fun games and at the end of the event we give Christmas presents for them. Doll, snacks, candy, apples, etc. Then we have lunch together, eating jiaozi and boiled egg. It was all traditional, yet so fun.

All the kids were happy. I love this. they dream, create and imagine. They live their life without fear. I guess because they don't think too much. This is what their privilege. Having no fear, always be happy and not overthinking. But what about us? Somewhere along the line, feeling guilty, fearful, and unhappy has become the norm. It is almost expected. What happened to us to take away our feeling of excitement for what tomorrow holds and replaced it with worry?

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