Nanjing, and Its memories

Random thought, Nanjing.

This is a force majeure.
Locking down all the places, I can no longer see you for a while.
Been there only for a while and now I have to let go too for a while.
The vibes, the memories

I miss riding bicycle in my spare time
I miss binge eating
ma la, those strong spices,
and don't forget about the sweet potatoes they sell on fall season

the way the sun burnt when its summer
The way winter got me chill, petrified
the way I saw the leaves falling down the tree.
oddly missable

The way they talk, when I don't understand
most of the time we've been miscommunicated
I speak in English, they don't understand
some think imma stupid
but its okay, well I'm happy tho

The rush, the individualistic stuff
the taobao thing, the patriotic issues
everything seems okay
when you miss something!

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