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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

 Fakta Tentang Aplikasi Koperasi yang Wajib Diketahui✨
Wednesday, June 30, 20210 Comments

Zaman serba digital sudah mulai bisa kita rasakan saat ini dan bahkan dalam bidang ekonomi sekalipun, seperti aplikasi koperasi yang sudah banyak bermunculan di dunia online. Koperasi sendiri merupakan badan usaha yang memanfaatkan sumber daya ekonomi anggotanya atas dasar prinsip keanggotaan yang bersifat terbuka dan sukarela. 

Dengan adanya koperasi digital seperti ini, transaksi simpan pinjam yang umum di koperasi bisa dilakukan dengan lebih mudah. Berikut ini beberapa fakta seputar aplikasi koperasi yang perlu teman-teman ketahui untuk lebih mengenal aplikasi tersebut. Cekidott

Source: Pinterest

1. Aplikasi Core Koperasi Canggih dan Modern

Terhubungnya aplikasi dengan sistem lain dengan cukup mudah merupakan salah satu bentuk kecanggihan yang bisa ditemukan di aplikasi ini. Lebih canggih dan modernnya lagi, aplikasi sudah dilengkapi dengan modul untuk membantu kita dalam menjalankan aplikasi ini. Modul tersebut diantaranya tentang Simpanan dan Deposito yang di dalamnya membahas tentang Simpanan Wajib, Pokok, dan Sukarela. 

Selanjutnya, ada juga pembahasan tentang Pinjaman yang membahas mengenai pembayaran Autodebet, pelunasan sebagian, pelunasan dipercepat, restruktur, perhitungan dan manajemen jaminan dan AYDA. Dan ada lagi tentang Akuntansi yang membahas terkait jurnal seluruh transaksi, laporan Neraca dan Laba/Rugi, Laporan Konsolidasian dan Rekonsiliasi, SHU (Sisa Hasil Usaha), dan Laporan transaksi Lainnya.

2. Pengelolaan Simpanan Anggota Cukup Mudah

Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui pada aplikasi-aplikasi lain, yang mana fungsinya adalah memudahkan dan mendigitalisasi suatu kegiatan. Sistem dari aplikasi ini tentunya sudah menyediakan fasilitas untuk proses penerimaan dana dari anggota dan pencairan dana ke bank lain dengan cukup mudah. Bahkan kita bisa melakukannya kapan saja dan dimana saja. Kemudahan tersebut antara lain:

  • Setoran dana lebih mudah melalui Virtual Account Bank
  • Pencairan Dana ke Bank Lain. 

3. Sistem Aplikasi Sudah Terintegrasi dan Realtime

Fakta selanjutnya adalah aplikasi ini tentunya sudah terintegrasi atau terhubung secara langsung dengan ATM, Virtual Account, Aplikasi Mobile, Reporting dan sistem lainnya. Selain itu, aplikasi koperasi ini juga dijalankan secara realtime melalui sistem online. Sehingga membuat kita bisa lebih mudah memantau transaksi yang terjadi di koperasi tanpa menunggu adanya laporan transaksi harian, dan pastinya tanpa perlu datang ke koperasi secara langsung juga. 

Aplikasi koperasi dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur terbaik yang akan membantu penggunanya dalam bertransaksi di koperasi secara online menjadi lebih mudah. Jika teman-teman berkeinginan untuk membuat aplikasi ini, kalian bisa mempercayakannya kepada Invelli. Invelli menawarkan aplikasi Microsys terbaik untuk kebutuhan simpan pinjam teman-teman✨

Source: instagram: invelli_solusindo

Aplikasi Microsys memiliki tampilan antarmuka yang ringan sehingga memungkinkan teman-teman untuk bisa mengontrol semua proses secara terpusat dan realtime. Aplikasi ini juga bisa dikustomisasi yang membuat kalian dengan mudah mengembangkan produk koperasi yang akan dilaksanakan di lapangan. 

Semua data yang diakses oleh Microsys buatan Invelli pastinya terjaga keamanan dan juga kualitasnya data di Data Center yaa, karna Invelli sudah menyesuaikan dengan peraturan Standar Penyelenggaraan Teknologi Informasi. Selain itu, temen-temen juga bisa melakukan backup plan secara berkala. 

Tunggu apa lagi? Cuss daftar dan gabung di Microsys aplikasi koperasi secara gratis sekarang juga. Yuk kunjungi situs resmi sekarang juga❤️


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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Midnight Random Thought
Wednesday, April 14, 20210 Comments
Its 11PM here.

I did not write something here in purpose, but i hope my future self will read this. You know, some kind of investment of memories.

Today, you did it again.
You sat on a chair next to a mini food court, waiting for your order whilst looking around the corner. Thinking, even though you have nothing to be thinking about.
You started to think about the future, your fantastic life where you become a bo$$ and a slay queen on your own castle. You also once saw a beautiful young lady with a Gucci bag and the brand new series of iphone passing through the food lounge. You had your eyes on her, Rani. You were curious what she did for living and at the same time you also wanted to be like her in the future. Surprisingly today, when you had a lot of customers on your business which is good, instead of give Thanks to God, all you did were complaining a lot and acted like you need an assistant, even though all you did was nothing. Do you remember that Rani?

You think while you sat. Sometimes you called it imagination. 
Last time, i remember you were imagining to have a boyfriend at your fresh uni life. Doing groceries, study together, doing task together, cuddling, traveling, holding hands, and so on. Its fun actually. The male character on your vision were perfect and you don't have to be worry about your self and your appearance. But do you also remember the time when God gave you what you wish for? Umm, last time i checked, you were wasting your time treated him like a shit and at the end of the day, you get karma. God takes what you love because you're wasting it.

What im trying to say is, you are what you think. Its good if you want something. But you have to adjust it with your capability, Rani. If you want to be rich, go get your ass move. If you want to have boyfriend, you should make sure that the version that you give to him is the best version of you, so he could also give the best version of him. If you can't take care of what you have right now, it can be taken from you. Remember, this is including your life, your carier, and even your family. So don't ever let things down in your life especially your family, your mama and papa.

Do you understand girl?
If yes, then lets move to another random thought.

Life gets hard sometimes. And im not gonna lie, i feel it too. I don't wanna say things that would make me sounds like the saddest and poorest people in the world because i believe that im not alone in this world. Everybody hurts sometimes, and some even everytime. But that's okay i guess. What's the point of crying after all. What's the point of big heart and strong shoulder after all?

[Grammar error? Please let me know. Thanks😊💖]

Rs2021. All rights reserved.
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Saturday, October 03, 2020

What I Have Got From Economics
Saturday, October 03, 20201 Comments
All economics course will teach us the fundamentals we need to decipher the graphs we may associate with a typical economics course, as well as the media to develop our successful business strategy. But, how can we know if studying economics is right for us? 

    If you’re asking yourself the same question like me, consider the learning outcomes of various economics programs and how they compare to our personal and professional goals. At its core, economics is the study of how our self as individuals, groups, and nations manage and use resources. Students like me who choose to study economics not only gain the skills needed to understand markets in complex words, but come away with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as business acumen necessary to succeed in the professional world. A lot of people asked me, why do i take economic major? Do i want to be a businessman? Nah, In fact, economics can be useful for professionals in all industries, not just in business.

    Here’s a look at five of the top advantages of studying economics and how it can benefit both our organization and career life. There are a lot of things that we can gat from economics. Now I am going to explain one by one, the benefits that I got from economy.

First, the very basic things that I got from learning economics is some new vocabularies. By studying economy, I can expand my vocabularies. Whether it’s scarcity (limited resources), opportunity cost (what must be given up to obtain something else), or equilibrium (the price at which demand equals supply), an economics course give us a fluency in fundamental terms needed to understand how markets work. Even if I don’t use these words often in my current role, studying these economic terms give me a better understanding of market dynamics as a whole and how they apply to my organization. But besides that, Economics isn’t just learning a fancy set of words, it’s actually using them to develop a viable business strategy. When we understand these terms, we can use theories and frameworks like Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analyses to assess situations and make a variety of economic decisions for our organization, like whether to pursue a bundled or unbundled pricing model, or the best ways to maximize revenues.

Second, by economics, Im able to get to know about my spending habits. Economics teach us about how our organization and its market behaves, but we’ll also gain insight into our own spending habits and values. For example, Willingness to Pay (WTP) is the maximum amount we willing to pay for a good or service. There’s frequently a gap between hypothetical and actual WTP, and learning about it will help us decode our own behavior and enable us to make economically sound decisions. 

    I used the concepts I learned in Economics for Managers to maximize my allowance given by my parents as effective as I could. I manage all the expenses that I have such as daily necessities expenses, food expenses, transportation, and other petty expenses. I also hedged the use of my money by limiting the amount of money that I should spend my comparing. When I buy, I looked for the cheapest one but still meet my need. Thats how I manage my allowance by the concept of Economic for Managers.

Third, Economics make me think out of the box. Economics it’s not only a demand curve. It’s basically more than that. Many people think of economics as just curves, models, and relationships, but in reality, economics is much more nuanced. Much of economic theory is based on assumptions of how people behave rationally, but it’s important to know what to do when those assumptions fail. Learning about cognitive biases that affect our economic decision-making processes arms us with the tools to predict human behavior in the real world, whether people act rationally or irrationally.

Last but not least, Economics teach me how to leverage economic tools. Learning economic theory is one thing, but developing the tools to make business decisions is another. Economics teach me the basics and also give me concrete tools for analysis. For example, conjoint analysis is a statistical approach to measuring consumer demand for specific product features. This tool will allow us to get at the surprisingly complicated feature versus price tradeoffs that consumers make every day. For example, pretend we work for Apple Inc. and we want to know what part of the iPhone we should improve: Battery life, screen size, or camera. A conjoint analysis will let us know which improvements customers care about and which are worth the company’s time and money. This is where the funnest part of economics in my opinion. Beside conjoint of course there are still a lot of way of economics analysis that could help us to accomplish our job.


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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

2元专卖, Mengunjungi Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing
Wednesday, September 09, 20200 Comments

Dulu saya pernah bertanya-tanya. Produk made in Cina di Indonesia harganya murah-murah dan affordable, kalo di Cina harganya berapa ya?

Kaget, akhirnya suatu hari pertanyaan saya bisa saya jawab sendiri Setelah tinggal di Cina. Suatu kesenangan sendiri ketika menjadi seorang w  anderlust, bisa mengeksplore hal-hal baru.

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Aqua City

Tempat yang saya kunjungi kali ini adalah 2元专卖 (2 Yuán zhuānmài) Yang jika diterjemahkan langsung artinya Toko Monopoly 2 Yuan. Kenapa namanya 2 yuan? Karena semua yang ada di toko ini harganya dua yuan, jika di konversikan dengan mata uang indonesia sekitar Rp. 4000 an (1 Yuan kurang lebih 1.900 rupiah)

Toko serba 2000 ini terletak di Nanjing, tepatnya daerah Xinjiekou. Tempat ini tidak begitu jauh dari Aquacity, sekitar 5 menit jalan kaki, namun memang karena tempatnya tidak begitu besar agak sedikit susah ditemukan.

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Penampakan Toko yang Memanjang kebelakang

Toko ini tidak begitu luas, bahkan bisa dibilang super sempit dan kelihatan sumpek. Kenapa? Karena ada banyak sekali barang-barang yang dijual disini, namun ukuran tempat hanya sekitar 3x40m persegi saja. Memanjang kebelakang namun tidak begitu lebar. Tempatnya juga bisa dibilang sedikit terlihat kumuh, walaupun terletak dipinggir jalan dan memiliki banyak pengunjung. Walaupun begitu, hal ini tidak akan membuat saya mundur, karena saya memang pecinta barang murah :)) Murah, tapi tidak murahan yaa heheehe.

Lalu apa saja yang dijual disini? Banyak! Namun karna memang harganya hanya 4ribuan, mayoritas barang yang dijual ya yang kecil-kecil. Ya, yang sesuai dengan harga 4 ribuan ya.

Ada keychain, notebook, peralatan make-up, alat makan, dan masih banyak lagi barang-barang kecil yang lucu-lucu dijual disini. Dan sesuai dengan namanya, semuanya harganya bener-bener cuma 2RMB alias 4ribuan ya guys! gada yang lebih, tapi gada yang kurang juga😂.

Daripada penasaran apa aja yang dijual, langsung lihat aja fotonya yuk cekidottt

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Gantungan kunci yang lucu banget sumpahh🥺

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Peralatan kecantikan❤️

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Peralatan masak super lengkap, kapan lagi beli alat dapur cuma 4ribuannn

2元专卖, Toko Serba 4000 di Nanjing - RSJournal
Bahkan disini ada jual barang-barang pecah belah juga donggg🤧

Lalu, bagaimana soal kualitas barang?

Sebenarnya, dengan hanya membayar 4ribuan saya tidak begitu berharap banyak dengan kualitasnya. Ada harga ada barang, bener kan? Dan kita tidak bisa menuntut kualitas super jika kita sendiri pun hanya mengeluarkan duit sedikit.  So, you got the point, right?

tapi tapi tapi....
ada tapinya lho guys!!

Justru karena harganya cuma 4ribuan, SAYA KAGETTT, literally kaget banget karna kualitas barangnya ga semuanya jelek! Bahkan ada beberapa barang yang i'd say kalo dijual di Indo pasti bisa jadi 25ribuan keatas.

Kualitasnya sebagus itu, manteman. Misalnya gantungan kunci, barangnya bener-bener bagus dan besinya terbuat dari stainless. Bahan plastiknya pun bukan plastik abal-abal yang baunya ga enak dan cepat rusak. Pokoknya the best dehhhh. Pandai-pandainya kita milih aja, karena emang ada beberapa barang yang kualitasnya biasa aja (sesuai dengan harga).

Jadi gitu guys pengalamanku belanja di Toko serba 2kuai hehe. Sebenarnya pengen bikin haul juga sekalian untuk barang-barang yang aku beli disitu (habis 40kuai alias 80ribu 😆) cuma karena belum sempat difoto dan barangnya udah kepake duluan, akhirnya nggak jadi deh hehehee.

Sekian dulu manteman, thank you for visiting my blog yaa. Salam sehat selalu ditengah pandemi ini🙏🏻
GBU and have a nice day!

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

10 Principles of Economics - Implementation in My Life
Thursday, July 02, 20200 Comments

When we talk about a list of economic principles, this most commonly refers to Gregory Mankiw’s “Ten Principles of Economics.” The list is a set of principles about the way economics should work. The 10 principles are divided into three categories: decisions people make, the work of the economy as a whole and people interactions. 10 principles of economy is the very basic principle that can be applied in our daily life from all ages, even for student like me.

This time, I’m going to elaborate the 10 principles of economics decision making, how it improve my decision making.


With Economy, it become easier for me to decide what am I going to take to reach my goals. I believe everyone in this world has their own goals. We all have it. Something that want to achieve before some period of time. We also have our own different way to achieve it. Some people who likes to challenges themselves will choose to take harder path, while some risk-averse person would avoid that. Making decisions requires trading-off one goal against another.

For example like one of my goals, presumably, is to obtain a well-rounded liberal education. Taking Double Degree in China is one of the means I have chosen to that end. This also implies subsidiary means-ends relationships. Suppose one of my goals is “passing double degree.” Reading the textbook, listening to the teacher, individual study, doing the assignments, coming to class, and visiting the peer tutor are means to that end. But, it has to be done effectively and efficiently in order to reach my goals just in time.


Since we all do tradeoffs, people would normally would seek cost and benefits that their action going to incur. For every action that we do, one has to sacrifice something. To get something one has to sacrifice other thing. For example, a country can spend its maximum resources for its defense but at the same time, it has to sacrifice the maximum spending for the country welfare. A society also faces tradeoffs between the Efficiency and Equity. The government generally tax rich people so that it can get the money from them and use it for the welfare of the poor people; this brings the equity but reduced the efficiency. This is called Opportunity cost.

With economy, I am able to decide which one that I should willing to give up in order to reach something. I learn how to make decision that is going to lead who will I be in the future. Taking one example that I have experienced, Now I come to China to do study and reach my double degree program. It simply means that I have to leave Indonesia and of course, spend a huge amount of money and time. My opportunity cost is money and time, which I had given up for the my double degree program.


People make trade-offs. Economic analysis is incremental: when we make decisions, we will compare the costs and benefits of a little bit more or a little bit less of something. We don’t usually make sweeping categorical decisions about what is good or what is bad. I generally won’t decide that studying economics is Always Good (otherwise, I would study economics 24 hours a day) or Always Bad (otherwise, I would not study economics at all). I will compare, for example, the cost of an additional evening spent studying International Economy subject to the benefit of and additional evening studying accounting.

Generally, people will do everything for which the marginal benefit exceeds the marginal cost and nothing for which the marginal cost exceeds the marginal benefit. The decisions we should make ultimately depend on our goals and values. Economics as such cannot tell us whether we should spend the next minute, the next hour, or the next day studying economics, studying physics, updating our Facebook page, or sleeping, but it can tell us that we’re making a trade-off. One always does small changes in their plan of action to achieve maximum benefits from the process. This small change known as the marginal changes as it take place around edges.

10 Principles of Economics - Implementation in My Life | RsJournal
Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

For example, I was going to Atma Jaya University in Indonesia, and then there was an offer from my international office that Nanjing Xiaozhuang university has double degree program. I was interested at the time, but I wasn’t directly make the decision to join the double degree program instead doing my research about the university first. When I do research, here’s what I found when join the double degree program:
Benefits for taking double degree:
  • If I join double degree, I got 2 degrees.
  • Besides have two degrees, I also get more experience, not only study in China but also life in China, be able to get to know about the country, the culture, habits and many more.
  • If we are smart enough to manage money, the living cost in china could be lower than in Indonesia, especially in my province, Yogyakarta.
  • I also found out that the cost in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University is way more cheap than in my former university. Let say that in my base university, in a year I should pay the tuition fee of Rp. 30.000.000,00 or RMB. 15.000, while in Nanjing Xiaozhuang I only need to pay RMB 4000, covered up by the government scholarship.
Considering the research that found, I think I will gain the most If I take double degree program instead of just staying in my former university. The thing that I actually consider the most is the degree and also for additional, the scholarship. I think this is a good opportunity to me and it would be waste if I did not take it. Final decision: I choose what benefits me the most, that is taking double degree program in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University.


Incentives motivate people to do action. We will do more of something as the cost falls, and we will do less of it as the cost rises, just like the law of demand. Similarly, we will try to supply more of something that gets more remunerative and less of something that gets less remunerative just like the law of supply. Prices are some of the most important incentives in economics. The price is the number of money that have to be traded for something (RMB 15 for a cup of coffee, for example). Market prices emerge from the interactions of buyers and sellers.

Behaviours of any person or firm changes according to the environmental variables like benefits or cost changes. For example: If the cost of the orange increases then the consumer will shift towards apples, as cost of orange is high. In this principle, I learn that in order to use money efficiently. Christmas in one day in the entire year, that is on December 25th. During this day, people are expected to eat pork. To add to this tradition, it is a national holiday for Christians in my country. As we can imagine, the demand for Christmas traditional meal; pork, increases drastically before Christmas.
Source: Google
Before and after Christmas (D1), people who demanded pork wanted it for a normal meal. The demand was not particularly elastic nor inelastic. On Christmas day (or a few days before), demand for pork increases (D2). People now want pork for their meal, no matter the price. In addition to the increase in demand, demand becomes inelastic. With this shift in demand to the right, the price for pork increases drastically, as well as the quantity demanded.

For some people, changes in price doesn’t really matter as long as they can get what they want. But also, for some people of course this is such a problem. With the same amount of money why can’t we get the same quantity?. Then, how to overcome this problem?. The answer is simple. Find the substitution for pork. On Christmas people eat pork, but when we think the price is out of logic, we can substitute pork with another meat, such as cow’s meat, or maybe chicken because the demand is remain stabile and the price of the cow and chicken is not increasing.


Trade is a kind of voluntary cooperation, and it makes us wealthier. This happens in two ways. First, we know that since people act, they will only do things if they expect it to make them better off. If I trade RMB250 for a ticket to see the Eric Chou concert, I infer that it is because I expect to prefer the concert to anything else I could have done with the RMB250. This is not to say that people won’t make mistakes from time to time—we have all rented a terrible movie or ordered something at a restaurant that we didn’t like—but in general, trade will make us better off. The second way trade makes us better off is by increasing our productivity.

According to the law of comparative advantage, when people specialize and trade, they can produce more output with the same inputs. Similarly, they can produce the same outputs with fewer inputs. In either case, people have more resources with which to attain their goals. This has an important implication that echoes a thought originally expressed by Adam Smith: people are more likely to help you achieve your goals if you help them achieve theirs


Market Economy is the concept where a centralized judgment planner is substituted by judgement of millions of households and firms. The place where the households and firm can communicate with each other for services and goods is known as market and it is taken place under the influence of the price and self-interest, which helps them to take decision. For example: Taxes that impose by the government always change the goods price and decision of producer and consumers. Individuals and firms that operate in a market economy respond to prices and thereby act as if guided by an “invisible hand” which leads the market to allocate resources efficiently.

For example, if there is an oversupply of wheat on the world market then individual farmers will lower the price they charge until they can sell all of their wheat. Lower wheat prices will also likely reduce the total quantity of wheat that farmers decide to produce. Market prices are able to adjust to equate supply and demand without the need for any central planning.


When a market fails to distribute the resources efficiently, it is known as market failure, which decreases efficiency. Government impose some rules to improve the market. Sometimes a market may fail to allocate resources efficiently, and government regulation can be used to improve the outcome. Market failures can occur due to the existence of public goods, monopolies and externalities. For example, an electricity supplier might have a monopoly. Government regulation may be required to ensure that the supplier does not abuse its market power. Government actually helps the market to improved better.

When talking about it, we also talking about the other benefits that given from the government, that is Scholarship. I think education is very expensive. In Indonesia there are a lot of scholarship offers in order to make a well educated country. Those who are smart and handwork student, and also has full of achievement can go to university for free. This indirectly benefits two side, the market itself that is the university because they get some smart and hard work student, while the student doesn’t need to pay the tuition fee for the university.


The living standard in the country is depends upon the country producing capacity. In country where, more goods and service are produced in a unit time their standard of living is high as compared to the people with less productivity. Living standard of China is not really different with Indonesia, even thought we still see some price gap for the necessity product that sell internationally like shampoo, soap, food and so on.

In Indonesia, the an international brand of shampoo’s price could be like Rp.40,000.00 or RMB 19, but in China, the exact same brand, size and characteristic of shampoo could be sell at RMB 50. That’s what the price different of necessity product. But for daily meal, local product, and everything that made in China, its very cheap!. Really cheap. Since I come to China I decided to use all made in china product because the price is lower, yet the quality is not bad.


Inflation is the state in which the price level increases in the economy. Inflation occurs when the supply of the money, which is under the hood of government, increased drastically in compare to the accessibility of services and goods in the markets. When the government produce high quantity of nation’s money, than it has loose its value. the quantity of money increases and each unit of money therefore becomes less valuable. As a result, more money is required to buy goods and services. To solve this such a problem, government usually create Bonds. It basically some kind like a piece of paper than written the amount of money and the interest rate. So we buy the ownership of the paper and they got our money. What’s the benefit then? The benefit for us the buyer is the interest rate, and the benefit from the government is to reduce the amount of money that flows too much.

Decision making also occurred when inflation happen. When interest rate increase in bank, it will be better to save money on bank. People become more interested to invest the money on bank, rather than only keep it in their wallet. Then, the decision occurs whether to only keep the money on their wallet (which is resulted in no gain at all) or to deposits the money to the bank, which will benefit them interest rate.


Reducing inflation often causes a temporary rise in unemployment. This tradeoff is the key to understanding the short-run effects of changes in taxes, government spending and monetary policy. Policy that are making, to reduce the inflation led to increase in unemployment and policy to reduce unemployment led to increase in inflation this properly describe in Philip curve. This concept ends in 1970 when inflation and unemployment co-existed at their maximum peak. The relationship between the inflation and unemployment is temporary.

Heyne, Paul. 2012. Way Of Thinking.12e. Pearson.

Rs 2020.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Review Digibank by DBS, Underatted but Worth to Try!
Wednesday, June 24, 20200 Comments

Berawal ketika suatu hari saya dan teman saya sedang jalan-jalan berdua di Mall Ambarukmo plaza. Biasa lah, kelakuan mahasiswa yang kalo lagi gabut pasti larinya ke mall. Waktu itu ceritanya kami berdua baru selesai makan di lantai 3. Saat melewati eskalator... tiba-tiba kami dicegat oleh mbak-mbak spg yang menawarkan kartu digibank.

Awalnya saya tidak begitu tertarik karena saya sudah punya kartu bank lain. Hendak ingin langsung menolak, tapi karena nggak enak dengan mbaknya akhirnya saya ikut mendengarkan penjelasannya.

Ini beberapa claim Digibank by DBS dari spg yang saya dengar waktu itu:
  • Tidak dipungut biaya apapun untuk pembuatan kartu
  • Tidak perlu melakukan deposit awal
  • Penarikan bisa sampai nol rupiah
  • Karena tidak memiliki mesin ATM sendiri maka biaya penarikannya bisa dilakukan di ATM bank manapun dan gratis
  • Tidak ada biaya administrasi bulanan
  • Tidak ada buku tabungan, semuanya sudah menggunakan sistem e-banking yang didownload saat melakukan pendaftaran.

Karena beberapa pertimbangan di atas, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk membuatnya. Batin saya 'ga ada salahnya juga, toh juga gratis ga ngeluarin biaya sama sekali'. Setelah itu saya mendaftar dan kata mbaknya kartu ATMnya akan dikirim sesuai dengan alamat yang saya daftarkan.

Jujur, awal-awal setelah mendapatkan kartu ini saya sama sekali tidak pernah menggunakannya. Hal tersebut dikarenakan orang tua saya mengirimkan uang saya di kartu atm saya yang pertama, sehingga di ATM Digibank saya kosong dan belum ada isinya. Hingga suatu hari saya iseng membuka-buka aplikasi Digibank ini dan melihat bagian promo. Ternyata banyak sekali promonya!~

Dari situlah saya mulai sedikit demi sedikit mengirim duit dari atm yang lain ke akun Digibank saya, hanya untuk dapetin promo. Berawal dari coba-coba, lama-lama saya benar-benar jadi ketagihan dan merasa banyak banget benefit yang saya dapat dari bank Digibank!🤯. Akhirnya setelah berbagai macam pertimbangan saya memutuskan untuk mengganti bank utama saya menjadi Digibank. 

Kenapa? Berikut ini saya akan menjelaskan alasan mengapa saya berganti menjadi Digibank by DBS, cekidot!


Hal ini menjadi yang pertama untuk saya karena memang Digibank by DBS sepraktis itu! Sebelumnya memang saya belum sempat membuat e-banking di ATM saya yang pertama, makanya saya sedikit kewalahan dengan yang namanya transfer duit, top up, beli pulsa dll. Semenjak ada Digibank saya hanya perlu berdiam diri di kasur untuk melakukan transaksi, tanpa harus pergi ke ATM terdekat dulu. Semuanya bisa dilakukan hanya dengan satu aplikasi yaitu Digibank!

Gratis Transfer dan Tarik Tunai

Hal kedua yang saya sukai adalah gratis transfer dan tarik tunai! Tidak tahu kenapa saat menjadi mahasiswa saya menjadi sering melakukan transaksi. Bayar patungan, tugas, danusan, hingga bayar utang ke teman selalu butuh transaksi. Kalau dulu disuruh bayar-bayar saya lebih suka bayar tunai karena tidak ada fee admin. Tapi hal ini sangat tidak praktis mengigat harus ketemuan dulu baru bisa bayar. Untungnya saya sudah memiliki Digibank, jadi kalo disuruh bayar-bayar udah ga mikir-mikir lagi tinggal minta nomor rekening, udah langsung beres😂.

Oh iya, saya kurang tahu ini kebijakan baru atau tidak, namun ada minimal gratis transfer dan tarik tunai ya, minimalnya saldo diatas Rp. 1,000,000 dulu baru bisa menikmati fitur ini. Jadi yang suka transfer duit, jangan lupa limitnya ya!
Ayo lihat promonya di sini

Gratis Top Up dan Biaya admin yang Kecil

Kalo yang ini, tentunya yang paling disukai temen-temen yang suka jajan. Top up ke berbagai e-wallet seperti gopay, ovo, dan link aja di Digibank gratisss jadi gaperlu mikir biaya tambahan lagi. Lumayan kan kalo sekali top up fee admin 2500, kalo 10 kali top up udah Rp.25,000 sendiri🤯 uangnya bisa disimpen buat jajan chatime🤤

Terus juga menurut saya, lewat Digibank ini biaya admin relatif kecil, seperti kalau mau isi pulsa yang biasanya dikenakan Rp. 1500-2500 sekali transfer, sedangkan lewat Digibank fee bisa dibawah angka tersebut. Pokoknya banyak deh benefitnya. 
simpan kartu debit digibank mu

Banyak Promo

Salah satu yang paling saya suka dari Digibank adalah karena banyak promo yang ditawarkan dari Bank ini. Biasanya saya sering dapat notif email yang memberitahu sedang ada promo, bisa juga lewat aplikasi Digibank sendiri. Promonya sendiri berubah-ubah tiap bulannya, jadi jangan lupa cek notifikasi email dan melalui aplikasinya sendiri ya😉

Ayo lihat promonya di sini

Sering Ada Bonus Bulanan!

Walaupun dalam jumlah kecil menurut saya ini salah satu keuntungan dari nasabah bank ini. Biasanya bonus bulanannya diberikan dalam bentuk credit interest, atau cashback. Menarik kan?

Investasi Obligasi

Enaknya lagi, bagi nasabah Digibank yang ingin berinvestasi, bisa nih coba-coba investasi di obligasi Indonesia, yaitu investasi dengan resiko yang rendah dengan keuntungan yang relatif tinggi Ga perlu lagi download aplikasi lain buat investasi ORI, wah boleh dicoba nih😁

Ayo lihat promonya di sini

Jadi itulah alasan mengapa saya berpindah ke Digibank by DBS. 

Yay or Nay? Menurut saya yay pake banget banget banget, karena menjadi nasabah bank ini kita sama sekali tidak dipungut biaya apapun dan malahan mendapat banyak sekali keuntungan. Kelemahan? Hmm, sejauh ini saya belum menemukannya. Saya harap tidak bakalan ada ya, hehe😅.

Bagi temen-temen yang punya pertanyaan, kritik maupun saran seputar post saya kali ini, bisa langsung komen dibawah..

oh iyaaa sebelum lupa; Digibank juga punya punya program member get member nih hehe jadi kalo temen-temen ingin daftar, just simply email me on yaa❤️✨ thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Update terbaru:

Wah, kelihatannya digibank sudah ada kebijakan baru nih untuk gratis biaya admin...
Kalau mau tetep gratis, minimal saldo harus diatas 5juta yaa mulai september pertengahan 2021 nanti.. kalau tidak akan di charge biaya admin per bulannya sekitar 10ribu ya. menurut saya tetep oke sih, mengingat biaya tf juga gratis dan banyak untung lainnya😁😁 
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