Friday, January 08, 2016

Unforgetable memory: A Tournament has Changed my Life.

            So around 3 months ago my teacher asked me to join english competition on my town and yeah, I decided to join it. I practiced so hard because i want to win this contest. The only reason that makes me want to win this contest was because i never join any-other-competition before and i want to make my parents proud of me. This is my first contest so i studied so hard to make a speech about compassion. It worked. Working so hard with my ass made a great result. I got the 2nd winner place on english Speech competition and my parents were very proud of me. One month later my teachers sent me to another town to continiue my last english contest, but this one will be held as a  National Competition. I was so happy at the time. I got a lot of friends and they’re so nice to me. But unfortunately i cant win this competition because of some misunderstanding. I know i was doing my best but maybe God has another plan for me. I never regret what was happened to meat the time. Im so Grateful and this is only the begining, not the end.

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