June 17, 1999 | ITS MY BDAY!

YES, i know that it is a day late to post this Bday story because i fell asleep while planning to upload this post. But yeah, here i am anyway, taking a moment to tell you how i feel about my bday year by year. Iyep this is a very special post and i write this in english.

--> But guys, actually before you get further, i just wanted to remind you that the thing that i write here is a personal story... if you dont want to read this diary you can just skip this or swipe this away and find another nice post to read, heehe. SO HAPPY READING/SKIPPING :) <--

Yeah. Here we go again. It's my birthday. June 17, 2018. My 19th Bday. Actually, i didn't really excited when it comes to my bday. I was so afraid that it will not come as a special bday. Every night before my bday i always feel insecure and hoping that tomorrow would be okay and yeah i know it is kinda freak. But lemme tell you something. even though i hate my bday that much, people around me always appreciated my bday and it looks like im not the one that having the birthday but them. So many people give me bday wishes, surprises me and congratulate me for my bday and so much love for me. They love my life so much that i want to cry every time i read the caption they wrote for me on my bday. It is so special i can tell. And why am i still thinking that my bday will not be so special?

And now, i am going to make my bday re-cap since 2013, to tell my self and also remind my self how lucky i am having these people around me to celebrate my bday. Btw, sorry for the bad quality pictures, due to the limited sources to take picts.. hehe.

2013. 14 YEARS OLD
i celebrated this bday in my house, and this was not only a bday party for me, this is also a farewell party for me because this is my last year in Timika, my last year to celebrate my bday with my junior high school friends.

2014. 15 YEARS OLD
This bday is my last bday celebration with my parents, bc after this bday i m going to dormitory for 3 YEARS. Yes my very sweet parents gave me bday surprise party. Really love them.

2015. 16 YEARS OLD
Literally this is my 16th bday and i celebrate it in Solo. SO as everybody know my bday is in 'kejepit' day bc it is in the middle date of month and it ussually is the edge day of school semester. I went back to Solo after i got my school report for some short holiday with my mom's family before i go to Timika and guess whattt, they suprised me with a cake with the picture of me on it (it is of course edible lol) and also some yummy dinner.


2016. 17 YEARS OLD
 Yep. this is actually what i ve been waiting for. My seventeenth bday is veryyy veryyy special. Lemme tell u why, guys. Please make ur self as comfortable as you can while listening to my story; Cuz its a long story.

So at the time i still lived in dormitory, on St. Imaculata. Right on 12 O'clock my parents called me and said happy bday to me, as the usual. When im about to continue my sleeping time cuz i was so sleepy at the time, my unit friends, Kadek, Ibeth, Biel, Regin, and Novi surprised me with a mini muffin and they gave me a red larva doll. I was so happy because i really wanted this red larva doll to accompany my other larva doll, the yellow one. Enough with the larva thing, we finished the mini celebration and i continued to sleep. But dude, some second later as i started to feel my self in peace, my friends from Timika; Ani, Sofi, Kiren, Ayu, and Mada came to my room and surprised me with a really really huge duck doll (i named it Ducky) and also tiramisu cake that i like . I'm happy. Really. i couldnt ask for more. this is already made my day. after that we ate the cake and decided to continued our sleep because we're so tired. yeah, and we actually did that.

Timika Squad
but wait. The story didn't end there. So as u know my bday is also the end of the semester, and that means june 17 is our last day at school and also dormitory. My dorm friends surprised me after school, but we celebrated it in hurry because they wanted to catch their flight to their hometown. Btw i got chameleon doll from them and i love it! they said that the chameleon's expression's look like me hahaha.

Dorm Squad

its tradition in dorm to write the name of those who's having a bday on that day.
I was kinda sad because my friends were leaving the dormitory so fast, i mean my bday was not finish yet, why were u guys being so hurry to leave this dormitory? so yeah there i was, alone again. people were busy with their own business and i didn't want to bother them too. i wish i could also leave faster but my flight was on 21st June so yeah I'll just gonna stay there like foeve. One time my friend Ayu who's going to leave the dorm in the afternoon called me and asked me for a favor. She asked me to accompany her to take her mother stuff and bring it to Timika with her. I accepted her because i was alone at the time and i didnt know what to do so why not?...

And then off to the Galeria we went first. She said she was checking some shoes in Payless for her and her mama. I helped her to choose some, but we ended up in Galeria without buying any thing. She asked me to accompany her to meet her mother's friend to take her mother stuff in a cafe. The cafe was not so far from galeria so i accepted it. It was on Indiecology cafe, Sagan and the place was quite calm. The waiter welcomed us and lead us to a door. He said that our guess is there. I felt nothing wrong at all until i opened the door and found that there was A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT I KNOW, literally yelling in front of me saying "SURPRISEEEEE". I spotted my sister holding the cake. I knew it, she is the pioneer of all of this. I knew these all are her plan. This explained why all of my friends were suddenly gone nowhere. Oh my God i love my 17 bday so much. This was the best birthday ever. She literally invited all of my beloved friends like Kiren, Kinoy, Angel, Jack, Dony, Dinda, and many more, even though there was also some of my friends that couldn't came due to their flight.
Thanks God for everything that you give to me. Thank You for this wonderful life! 

Bday cake from my lovely sissy. Thanks a lot! I LOVE YA!

best sister ever

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