Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal

So today I am legally turning 21! 

Turning 21 is a huge moment in my life. Can't believe i've been able to reach this stage, thank God. This is the stage where i begin to enter the crazy whirlwind process of finishing college, taking the first few steps in the beginning on finding my self, started to thinking about my future career, and preparing to start on life as the real adult — or whatever you called it. It's somehow so terrifying yet so exciting at the same time, plus my mind battling a hundred of thoughts at once, it's easy to forget to take a moment to just stop stressing and enjoy this time period while it lasts (cuz it goes by quickly), today im like thank God im 21 years old now and then in the next day i wake up in the morning and already celebrate my 22nd bday.

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank you, my sister!

Life is amazing, yet a mistery.
Its always good to see those amazing people who works as an influencer, success entrepreneur, has a good life, being so damn gorgeous at their adult life until it makes other people (especially me) wish to grow up as fast as possible and skip the part where i become 'someone' that's as useful as other successful people; too much to ask? Nah thats normal tho.

In this 21 years old version of me, i wish to become someone that has a really meaningful life, someone who can be hero to other people, someone who can be count on, and to be a daughter who will never let her parents down. 

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank You, mom!

And about my college life? Honestly im tired of thinking, wishing, and hoping that as soon as possible I'll be able to come back to China and have my college life back. I just.. i hate this situation and corona thing that make me paralyzed, cannot spread my wings and fly. But at the same time, i just have to tryna be greatful with all the things that happen to me, im blessed and will always be. The only thing worst that could be happen to me is when im being so ungrateful and not be thankful for everything i have right now. 

Go, Shawty! It's My 21st Birthday- Rsjournal
Thank you, Kiren!

I hope, everything will be better soon. Maybe not today, but eventually 😇

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