Midnight Random Thought

Its 2 AM here.

I did not write something here in purpose, but i hope my future self will read this. You know, some kind of investment of memories.

Today, you did it again.
You sat on a chair next to a mini food court, waiting for your order whilst looking around the corner. Thinking, even though you have nothing to be thinking about.
You started to think about the future, your fantastic life where you become a bo$$ and a slay queen on your own castle. You also once saw a beautiful young lady with a Gucci bag and the brand new series of iphone passing through the food lounge. You had your eyes on her, Rani. You were curious what she did for living and at the same time you also wanted to be like her in the future. Surprisingly today, when you had a lot of customers on your business which is good, instead of give Thanks to God, all you did were complaining a lot and acted like you need an assistant, even though all you did was nothing. Do you remember that Rani?

You think while you sat. Sometimes you called it imagination. 
Last time, i remember you were imagining to have a boyfriend at your fresh uni life. Doing groceries, study together, doing task together, cuddling, traveling, holding hands, and so on. Its fun actually. The male character on your vision were perfect and you don't have to be worry about your self and your appearance. But do you also remember the time when God gave you what you wish for? Umm, last time i checked, you were wasting your time treated him like a shit and at the end of the day, you get karma. God takes what you love because you're wasting it.

Its good if you want something in your life. But you have to adjust it with your capability, Rani. If you want to be rich, go get your ass move. If you want to have boyfriend, you should make sure that the version that you give to him is the best version of you, so he could also give the best version of him. If you can't take care of what you have right now, it can be taken away from you. Remember, this is including your life, your carier, and even your family. So don't ever let things down in your life especially your family, your mama and papa.

Do you understand girl?
If yes, then lets move to another random thought.

Life gets hard sometimes. And im not gonna lie, i feel it too. I don't wanna say things that would make me sounds like the saddest and poorest people in the world because i believe that im not alone in this world. Everybody hurts sometimes, and some even everytime. But that's okay i guess. What's the point of crying after all. What's the point of big heart and strong shoulder after all?

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