Vision, Mission, Goals, and Function in Pancasila Education

So this is exactly my college assigment (Tugas kuliah saya) hehehe.

Pancasila is the ideological basis for the country of Indonesia. Pancasila as the foundation of Indonesia is fundamental in the life of the nation and state in Indonesia, especially for the young generation as the future of the nation in the future. Pancasila consists of two words from Sanskrit: Panca means five and Sila means principle or principles. Pancasila is a formula and guidelines for national and state life for all people of Indonesia.
Vision states an ambition of individuals or organizations to achieve something in the future.
The vision in Pancasila education is to lead all the students to understand the values of Pancasila and apply it in daily life, not only verbally said but contextually implemented in the social life. Learning Pancasila Education is also helping students to develop their democratic attitudes and students self-Sustainability.
Pancasila Education also has several missions. The missions in Pancasila education are:

  1. To help students to be able to actualize the basic values of Pancasila. The basic values here are the values of Pancasila, which is the value of divinity, the value of humanity, the value of unity, the value of democracy and the value of justice.
  2. Growing awareness by knowing the values of Pancasila, awareness of living in a nation and in applying their knowledge in a responsible manner to humanity. Students can keep their attitude and act in a good manner to represent the good behavior of Indonesian people.
  3. Pancasila education grows moral responsibility. With the education of Pancasila, it can be actualized the basic values, awareness, attitude and behavior based on Pancasila.

The purpose of education is defined as a set of intellectual actions that are full of responsibilities oriented to the competence of students in their respective professions. The competence of Pancasila education learning is a set of intellectual actions, full of responsibilities as a citizen in solving various problems in the life of society, nation and state by underpinning the mindset based on the values of Pancasila. This behavior will be reflected in the skills, accuracy and success in action, while the responsible act will be shown as the truth of action seen from the aspects of technological science, ethics and propriety in religion and culture. The aim of Pancasila Education is also to direct moral attention which is expected to be realized in everyday life, embodied in behavior that exudes faith against God Almighty. In societies that have many religions, cultures, ethnicities, interests and customs or pluralism, always prioritize mutual needs above personal needs or groups so that differences of principle can be directed to the behaviors that support the realization of social justice for all Indonesians.

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