Transit in Don Mueang, Thailand - Escape to Indonesia🇮🇩

It took so long for me to finish this part, but this is the next story of our experience when we were coming back to Indonesia. If you haven't read it yet, you may take a peak here -


As a stupid-young-and poor teenagers, due to our lack of experience it was kinda hard for us to explore more in Thailand's airport. 6 hours seems quite a long time. Too bad we are running out of money and energy🤣 that's why in this story, we didn't do much thing as it is expected. And also take a note that in this story, we were:

  • Running out of money. Where did our money go? we already paid almost RMB 10,000 (20+ mio Rupiah) to rent apartment for winter-spring holiday (approx 2 months) but due to pandemic we have to come back to Indonesia and the rent money cannot be refunded. We cant even enjoy the apartment. What a bad luck huh?
  • As this flight back to Indonesia thing was planned in a very sudden manner, we have no preparation. We did not even have a proper packing which is bad because i didn't bring my laptop.
  • And yes, we have no energy because we have to move all of our belongings from apartment to our dormitory which took us almost 8 hours before the flight. But still, thank God i have Ali and Frans that flight together with me. So no issues.
As soon as we were arriving in Don Mueang Airport which was our first landing, we checked out again and took all of our belongings, and required to wait for another 6 hours for our next flight to Indonesia.
It was around 2AM in Thailand but still VERY CROWDED. We were hungry, but all we had was only RMB and Rupiah. 

Luckily for us, i still have 50 dollar Singapore in my pocket from the last flight i came to Nanjing, and it is quite a lot if we convert it to Thailan Baht. So we exchanged it to Thailand currency and we are ready for the food cullinary at Don Mueang. Here we comeee babyyy🔥

TOO BAD, we just remembered that it was around 2 AM in the morning, and most of restaurant are already closed *crying in 3 diff language😭*. So it means that we gotta wait for 2 hours till McDonald and Subways open again. 

What did we do for 2 hours? 
Watching movies, strolling instagram, thinking about the viruses, laughing, and do crazy stuffs. It was a bit boring, but we were so excited because we are coming back to Indonesia..

Finally SUBWAY was open at 3.30 AM😭 i was craving for something to eat, but you know what?????? the MEAT wasn't ready at 3.30 AM!! So what am i supposed to eat at Subway? scrambled eggs and fresh lettuces only? :( 

I decided to wait for some times, to see whether the meat is ready or not.
Too bad for SUBWAY, McDonald suddenly opened and they got all the breakfast menu ready to serve... so bye subway, you lost 3 potential customer from Indonesia that have 50 Singapore dollar in their hands right now... haha just kidding, subway. No hard feeling, okay?

Yeah tbh it wasn't that amazing eating at 4 AM in the morning. Our mouths somehow felt bitter, but since our stomachs were dying for food, let's just appreciate how the 4 AM burger and hash brown lookin good at the time.

We chill a bit there, talking about things and noticed some things to:
- The awareness about pandemic is still low
- Not so many people were using masks (especially locals)
- Foreigners from China can go whenever they want in the airport, no restrictions

This is the thing that kinda freak us out😢 but luckily everything were under control.

That's all about my journey in Airport (which is somehow unimportant 🤣🤣) but i do really want to share about this, as my investment of memories. Anyway if you're still here, thank you for reading and have a nice day <3


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