Sad Love Story


I was at the lowest part of my life that day.

I was ready to go to church, but something hold my back.
It was the coldest day of my life.
-4° of celcius.
I was really gloomy, and felt so sad.

You called and asked me with your worried eyes.
"What's wrong?🥺😟"
I cried so hard, wish i could hug you but i couldn't.
That was the first time you ever saw me cry.
You cheer me up, told me that i can stay in my apartment and skip the church mass for once in a lifetime.
Im so glad that you're exist in my life.

I was all alone in my apartment.
Everyone had their good company but me.
My roommate left me, and she was a nut.
I got no one to talk in the winter day, but you were always there and be my virtual company.

I love it the way you were always there
You're not a morning person, but you set your alarm to wake up in the morning,  just to accompany me walking for class, because you didn't want to see me walking alone.
Whenever i did the laundry, cooking, and even homework.
You were always there, because you know i hate being alone.
You were everywhere i go.
You were there with me on my way to church
It was a 2 hours of trip
But you never got tired.

I never regret having you in my life.
You taught me how to love
You made me feel how it's like to be loved by someone
You supported me, and you were always be my sunshine 🌞

Every depressed time i was always push you away, but you never give up and always try.
You told me not to be sad and worried because you always gonna be there for me.

But hey,
do you know what i hate the most now?
Now, at the lowest part of your life
You push me away, and give me no chance to help you fix it.
I can't support you, 
i can't be your reason to smile, 
i can't even lend you a shoulder when you're on your hard time
What if you cry and need a shoulder to carry on?
Why didn't you give me a chance?

I could just go and start my new life without you
But why did you do this to me?

Now i'm starting my brand new life without you
I know you don't wanna be with me anymore and you really done with me
You said it was a best decision
And you said that you finally found you again.
You're happier without me, that's wonderful
Guess love isn't always having each other, right?
Im Happy if you're happy

I know you're not gonna see this but i wish all the best for us. 
Sayonara, till we meet again.


Its just a poetry, hehe🙂🙂

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